Bully Scholarship Edition

Bully Scholarship Edition 1.200

A GTA-like game that takes place in a traditional English school
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Rockstar Games

Put bullies in their place, prank your dorm mates, make new girlfriends, go to classes and stroll around into town on a bike or skateboard.

Bully Scholarship Edition is the second edition of this great game. Bully lets you play with Jimmy, a 15-year old who lives to make some good old trouble. Like most Rockstar games, you control your character using the third-person perspective, and you can get on vehicles like Bicycles, Skates, etc. This game allows you to go back to high school for the duration of the game. Jimmy has been expelled of one too many schools and now he has fallen into the worst imaginable one. There, he is no longer the Bully. So you have to fight your way through the everyday injustices. You can fight anybody and make friends with almost anybody. That is the great thing about this game. You are given freedom to choose your path. You also make your own reputation. Just like in Grand Theft Auto, you are given missions that you need to carry out. During those missions, you get to make friends or enemies, and there are many activities for you to try. You can just skate around or enroll in the school's wrestling class. The graphics are great and the game plays just like GTA, which is great. I'd definitely buy this one.

José Fernández
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  • Good graphics
  • Great story
  • Good controls
  • Weird sense of humor
  • Lots of sarcasm and parody


  • None
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